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Fatima is a moody writer who tends to treat medium like a journal entry because she locked her diary in her cupboard and lost the key. Enjoy her time capsule.

Penning it down makes it real

My sister often reminds me- quite dearly,

about how I used to show up at her university,

steal her wallet, eat and sit for hours.

She reminds me quite often,

about how I always wanted to come to her.

About how I could not wait to get picked up from school,

just so I could order a paratha roll at her cafeteria.

I liked paratha rolls, she was right about that-

but she was not right about me pining to get picked up.

In fact, I would go back and never taste a paratha…

A fictional story based on the WNRS game. None of this represents real life and all similarities between real life and the characters is a pure coincidence. I’m lying, all of this is true.

Out of the 7.6 billion people in the world, the average person knows 600 and I knew you. Knew as in past tense.

Memories of you have started to fade. I used to reimagine the big ones, like birthdays for example. I would imagine the 18 presents, your reaction which became better as each gift became stupider and your laugh when you saw the cover of…

A made up memory with the man who I am very grateful for.

Every Sunday morning without fail my grandfather would show up at my house with a new recipe in hand and groceries to bake something. While my entire family slept, ‘Nana’ and I would be dancing to Frank Sinatra, usually covered in flour from the mess we would create. Around noon the rest of my family would wake up, the smell of freshly baked brownies or bread teasing their taste buds. Nana and I would take out our serving first, the corner brownie piece for me and the centre for him, and then we would serve everyone else.

Not my image but a realistic image compared to the story in my mind.

With Nana’s help…

My childhood best friend taught me many things. Most of these things appeared insignificant at the time but little did I know, each and every single thing was engrained in me- in ways I never realised.

Amongst many things that I learnt from him, one was the correct way to eat koftas (Pakistani meatball curry). He explained to me how one just one kofta is never enough for one roti. Most importantly however, he taught me that it was a cardinal sin to eat koftas with plain roti. …

When that one friend is still the most important to you, but all you have left is memories

You still remember:

The way they like their chai, always extra sugar at the bottom (chai in the cheeni, not cheeni in the chai).

The way the two of you listened to songs together, songs you would never admit listening to (and liking) to anyone else.

The way they needed to explain something they were extremely passionate about and you did not have to pretend to care, everything about them was as important to you as it was to them.

The way…

Were you were too wrapped up in the middle of a pandemic and did not really have the time to start acknowledging one of the most important exams in your student life (I know, crazy)? Or are you just a serial procrastinator who found Covid-19 as just another excuse to add to the list? Regardless, it is still not too late!

Any exam involves the 3 P’s : Prioritising, Planning and Preparation.

Stage 1: Prioritising

Ask yourself a few questions in order to learn what to prioritise.

  1. What is my University offer? Does it require a specific grade in a specific subject or does it require an overall subject grade?
  2. Which subjects (or subject)…

With the January 15th deadline approaching, the class of 2020–2021 has the daunting task of submitting an A-class personal statement for a place at top UK universities. If you are struggling here is a tried and tested nine step guide to get you started and finished with your personal statement in no time:

Step 1: Figure out the courses you want to apply for.

Figure out your top five universities and the courses you want to choose. Doing this is extremely important as you need to make relevant links from your prior knowledge to what exactly it is the course requires from you, or plans to teach you.

Step 2: Start listing BEFORE you start writing.

Your personal statement…




overwhelming distress. “an unforgettable tale of joy and heartbreak”

I had seen heartbreak in the eyes of my mother when she sat the three of us down and told us about my father cheating on her- on us; I had also seen heartbreak in the eyes of my sister as she hysterically ripped up clothes still fresh with the smell of her ex. I did not realise what heartbreak really was till I saw it in my own unrecognisable eyes staring back at me through my reflection- in the bathroom mirror and my mom’s vanity mirror and my brother’s car’s dewy windshield.

I cried after he told…

Fatima Pasha

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